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Kelly Rotelle  

Corkscrew noodles, topped with our tomato cream sauce (seasoned with just a hint of chipotle pepper), Monterey Jack cheese and Portuguese Linguica, and baked to its exquisite finish!  This dish is dedicated to Bert, one of our most favorite people ever. This dish will bring tears of joy to your eyes.  8.95

Baked Parmesan Rotelle  

Pasta with Parmesan, Romano and Monterey Jack cheeses, served in white sauce. Kind of a fancy macaroni and cheese.  8.95

Beef Stroganoff  

Delicately seasoned roast beef, mushrooms, and brown gravy served on rotelle. Rumor  has it, Marty and Wes made themselves sick testing and tweaking this dish until it was perfect to serve to you.  8.95


>> 1/2 orders of all pasta dishes available for 2.10 less. <<

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