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of Ingredients!

So what is the secret of a fantastic pizza?

That’s easy, it’s the tender homemade crust which is painstakingly produced daily. NO! It’s the sauces, made lovingly on site using brands such as Stanislaus (which we consider best in the biz). NO! It’s the quality of the meats, such as Bonici and Columbus. NO! It’s the fresh ground beef and our homemade Italian sausage. NO! It’s the ample amounts of toppings we put on each and every pizza! NOT QUITE!! The true answer is that there is no one secret to making a fantastic pizza . . . Everything is important and that is what we pay attention to . . . ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!

A slice of our history.

The Original Fazzari Brothers

The Brothers officially opened Fazzari’s Finest Pizza in 1985. We started making our pizza under the influence of our family, (Mom’s family) Martucscellis and (Dad’s family) the Fazzari’s, and it has always been our mission to honor them by making the very, very best pizza around. After over twenty years in the biz, we are proud to continue to bring you Fazzaris Finest Pizza.

In 2021 John Fazzari (left above) retired and today Randy's daughter Sophia (left below) joined her dad as office manager. 

Sophia and Randy Fazzari
(Daughter & Father)

The Family Tree

Fazzari Family
Martuscelli Family
Sam & Marie Fazzari
(Father & Mother of the original Fazzaris Bros.)

Named One of 18 Pizza Joints You Must Try Before You Die!

Washington’s Best Slice of Pizza To Die for Is In Clarkston WA
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1281 Bridge St, Clarkston, WA 99403


4pm - 9pm

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